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Welcome to AUAV, your trusted partner in advanced UAV solutions. With a proven track record in AI-driven drone technology, industrial services, and certified training, we are proud to introduce our latest offering: Drone Building Inspection.


Combining thermal and visual imaging drones for house inspections enables efficient identification of hidden issues like water leaks and electrical problems, providing a comprehensive analysis of both energy efficiency and visible defects. This approach streamlines the inspection process, detects potential problems early, and ensures thorough documentation, making it a versatile and effective solution for various property types. The integration of both imaging types enhances overall inspection accuracy and efficiency, offering a proactive approach to maintenance and problem prevention.

Commercial House Inspection

Whitehorn Multi-Services Centre

Whitehorn Multi-Services Centre is a Canadian Local Government Office based in Calgary, Alberta.

“Careful analysis and planning were the cornerstones of our approach. Our team strategically mapped out the flight route, ensuring comprehensive coverage and minimizing any potential disruptions to the surrounding area”​

Commercial House Inspection

Water Centre

The City of Calgary Water Centre is the headquarters of Calgary’s Water Resources and Water Services’ staff

“To unveil hidden intricacies, we deployed a thermal imaging-equipped drone. This advanced technology allowed us to delve beyond the surface, identifying potential issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. AUAV’s commitment to precision ensured a thorough examination of the building’s integrity.”​

Compreshensive Coverage

AUAV’s drone inspections offer thorough and comprehensive coverage

Certified Professionals

AUAV’s building inspections are conducted by certified professionals with extensive expertise in the field.

Thermal Imaging

Equipped with thermal imaging sensors, AUAV’s drones go beyond the visible spectrum

Affordable Prices​

Tailored Solutions, Customization, and Cost-Effective

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