Master the Skies with Calgary Drone Training at AUAV

Discover the boundless horizons of drone piloting through AUAV’s Calgary Drone Training Course

Our three different Calgary drone training courses will meet your needs to become certified drone pilots.

Whether you’re an individual adventurer or a forward-thinking company, our customized drone training programs are designed to fit your goals. With a wealth of experience, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment, AUAV is your partner in cultivating skilled and certified drone pilots.

Why choose Calgary drone training course at AUAV

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, drones have become integral to industries spanning from agriculture to construction, surveying to filmmaking. Calgary Drone Training at AUAV introduces you to the art and science of drone piloting, opening doors to diverse career paths and expanding horizons.

  1. Expert Instruction: Our courses are led by renowned drone expert Dr. Michael, ensuring you receive the highest quality instruction. Dr. Michael’s vast experience and comprehensive knowledge will guide you through the intricacies of drone operations.
  2. Tailored Courses: AUAV offers a range of courses catering to various skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first flight or an experienced pilot aiming to enhance your capabilities, our courses are designed to meet you where you are.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: Experience hands-on training with cutting-edge drone technology and simulators. Our state-of-the-art equipment and resources provide a realistic environment for honing your piloting skills.
  4. Online Mock Testing System: Gain a competitive edge with our special online mock testing system. Practice exams in a simulated environment, building confidence and readiness for Transport Canada’s exams.
  5. Drone Simulator: Immerse yourself in practical flight experience with our drone simulator. Perfect your maneuvers, improve control, and prepare for real-world scenarios.

Our Calgary drone training course has three different levels

We provide three different courses to suite your needs.

  1. Basic Drone Training: Dive into the fundamentals of drone piloting, regulations, safety protocols, and flight maneuvers. Ideal for beginners, this course sets the groundwork for a successful drone piloting journey.
  2. Advanced Drone Training: Elevate your skills with advanced techniques, aerial photography, mapping, and intricate flight maneuvers. This course is perfect for those seeking to become certified drone pilots and explore career opportunities.
  3. Advanced Drone Training with AI: Experience the future of drone technology by integrating AI into your piloting skills. Learn how to leverage AI for data analysis, automation, and precision in various industries.

Corporate Solutions

AUAV extends its expertise to corporations seeking to harness the power of drones. Our tailored corporate training programs equip your team with the skills needed to leverage drones for enhanced efficiency, safety, and innovative solutions.

Government Funding Assistance

We understand that investing in your skills is crucial. AUAV assists individuals and corporations in accessing government funding to cover the costs of our training programs, making professional development accessible and affordable.

Calgary Drone Training course at AUAV is more than just learning to fly drones; it’s about mastering a technology that’s shaping the future. With expert guidance, advanced resources, and a commitment to your success, AUAV empowers you to take flight with confidence. Join us today and unlock the endless possibilities of drone piloting.

Ready to soar? Contact us to learn more and embark on your drone piloting journey with AUAV.

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Calgary Drone Training course | Become a Certified Drone Pilot at AUAV

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