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Drone Distribution Service

Feima V10 UAV System

Explore our versatile and precise aerial solution, designed for surveying, remote sensing, inspection, and emergency response. With a focus on large payload capacity and extended flight endurance, this modular system offers intelligent power batteries and various sensor modules. It ensures high-precision positioning, intelligent software for flight planning, and robust data processing capabilities to meet diverse needs.

Feima V500 Fixed-Wing UAV

Our lightweight, high-precision, all-electric vertical take-off and landing fixed-wing drone offers a takeoff weight of just 7.2 kg and a flight time of up to 180 minutes. Its modular design simplifies assembly, and it’s equipped with versatile imaging options for customized applications.

D20 Drone Platform

For high-integration, high-performance, and highly reliable drone operations, the D20 features triple-redundant core sensors. It incorporates a millimeter-wave radar and visual perception system for altitude measurement, obstacle avoidance, and navigation. The dual-differential antenna system ensures safety and interference resistance, making it ideal for complex environments. Plus, it supports network RTK and PPK solutions, with the flexibility to interchange multiple payload modules.

Feima D200​0

Our innovative D2000 drone features a sophisticated battery protection system for easy monitoring and understanding of battery status. It comes with optional accessories like the HGS200 portable ground station and the RTK100 GNSS reference station for an integrated RTK and PPK solution, enhancing performance and precision.

SLAM100 LiDAR Scanner

Introducing the SLAM100, our handheld mobile LiDAR scanner, equipped with a 360° rotating head for 270°×360° point cloud coverage. It employs advanced SLAM algorithms to capture precise three-dimensional data, even in challenging lighting and GPS conditions. With a laser scanning field of view of 270°×360°, it delivers an absolute accuracy of 5cm, a laser pulse repetition rate of 320kHz, and a maximum range of 120m. The integrated 5-megapixel camera further enhances data acquisition.

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