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D2000S-A Compact Powerhouse for Varied Applications

One-stop, Premium-precision Aerial Surveying Solution Leveraged By High-end Multirotor Uav Platform

The D2000S drone system stands out as a small yet enduring multi-rotor marvel, crafted for high-precision mapping, remote sensing, and video applications. This aviation-enabled system boasts a comprehensive range of multi-source data acquisition capabilities, making it a versatile choice for diverse tasks.

Modular Efficiency and Portability

With a standard starting weight of 2.8kg, a 200g load capacity, and an impressive 74-minute battery life, the D2000S has been ingeniously modularized for seamless integration into a portable work box. This design ensures easy transport and quick deployment, catering to professionals on the move.

Tailored Mission Payload

The mission payload of the D2000S adopts a modular design, featuring an aerial survey module, tilt module, and thermal infrared remote sensing module. This tailored payload empowers the drone to excel in applications ranging from aerial surveys to true 3D modeling and remote sensing monitoring.

Advanced Video Capabilities

Equipped with video application modules boasting long-distance high-definition image transmission, the D2000S enables advanced functionalities such as target recognition, positioning, real-time tracking, and speed estimation.

Precise Positioning and Navigation

The D2000S is equipped with high-precision differential GNSS boards and dual differential antennas, offering standard features like network RTK, PPK, and fusion solution services. This ensures accurate 3D route planning, real-time monitoring, and reliable control point measurement.

Intuitive Software Solutions

Bundled with the “Unmanned Aircraft Manager Professional Edition (Measuring Edition)” software, the D2000S provides various route modes to meet diverse application requirements. This software supports accurate 3D route planning, real-time monitoring, GPS fusion solution, control point measurement, Aerial 3D solution, one-key mapping, and one-key exporting stereograms.

Comprehensive Data Processing

The system includes a free image control application and offers outputs such as DOM, DEM, DSM, TDOM, and more. This ensures comprehensive data processing and browsing capabilities, making the D2000S a reliable choice for professionals in need of precision and efficiency.

System Weight 2.6kg
Max Flight Weight3.8kg/2.8kg
Max load Weight1.2kg
Rotor Motor Size598mm
Size(Rotors)Open 495mm*422mm*279mm
SatellitesGPS, BeiDou, Glonass
Power sourceElectrical
Max speed20m/s
Max cuise speed13.5m/s up to 50km
Flight time7.0m/s(70 min of flight)
Hover time60min(single camera at sea level)
Max climb speed8m/s manual, 5m/s auto
Max descent speed5m/s manual, 3m/s auto
Hover accuracy RTKHZ 1CM+1PPM VT2CM+1PPM
GPS update frequency20hz
Maximum starting altitude6000m
wind resistance L6 (10.8~13.8M/S)
Control radiusup to 20km
take off modevertical automatic take off
operating temperature-20-45 degree

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