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Advanced Operation Flight Review

Course Description

At AUAV, we offer a comprehensive Advanced Operation Flight Review to help you obtain your Transport Canada Advanced Operator’s License. We hold complete licensing and certification from Transport Canada, ensuring your review is conducted professionally at competitive rates across Calgary.

Advanced Operation Flight Review Details:

Advanced Operation Flight Review

Test Place

We provide a designated location for the flight review, ensuring a safe and controlled environment.

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Total training hours

Approximately one hour (field review)

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Total training cost



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Invest in Your Skill Assessment

The Advanced Operation Flight Review is a critical component in obtaining your Transport Canada Advanced Operator’s License. By choosing AVAU’s Advanced Operation Flight Review, you invest in your skills assessment and ensure that you meet all the requirements set by Transport Canada.

Secure Your License Today

Ensure you are well-prepared to operate your drone safely and efficiently. Schedule your Flight Review with AVAU and take a step closer to obtaining your Transport Canada Advanced Operator’s License.

Affordable Pricing

We offer the Flight Review at a competitive price of $280.00, making it a cost-effective step in obtaining your Advanced Operator’s License.

Foreign Drone Pilots

To legally operate a drone in Canada for any purpose, be it recreational, work, or research, you must obtain an approved Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). As a foreign operator, this is a mandatory requirement to have Advanced Operation Flight Review.

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