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Understanding Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) for Drone Operations

Flight review is required to conduct specific drone flight operations within Canada. This is for Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). This certificate grants permission for operating drones under specific conditions and purposes, algin with the rules of basic or advanced operations.

AUAV – Your Partner in Flight Review in Calgary

Your flight review is the 2nd stage in becoming qualified as an Advanced Pilot and where you get to showcase your skills and knowledge to a TC licensed flight reviewer. AUAV is fully certified through Transport Canada and offer professional flight reviews at competitive prices.

Path to Certification:

  • For those interested in basic drone operations, we offer specialized training to excel in the online Pilot Certificate – Basic Operations exam.
  • We’ll guide you through the online exam for advanced operations and provide assistance in completing the flight review in Calgary for your Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations. Alternatively, if you choose to do the flight review in Canada, AUAV can validate your booking with as certified Flight review school.

Foreign drone pilots – those who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or entities incorporated under federal or provincial law – must apply for an SFOC-RPAS to fly drones in Canadian airspace.

Foreign Drone Pilots:

Your Journey Starts Here:

To commence your adventure in the exhilarating world of drone piloting, follow these clear steps:

  1. Access the Drone Management Portal for enrollment in our top-tier UAV training courses in Calgary, meticulously designed to prepare you for Transport Canada exams.
  2. Complete the Application for a Special Flight Operations Certificate form, ensuring all necessary information is provided.
  3. Compile the required documentation, detailing your drone specifics, planned operations, safety measures, and more, as outlined in the application form.
  4. Submit the completed application form and supporting documents.
  5. Email your application and documents to RPASCentre-CentreSATP.TC@tc.gc.ca or send them by mail to the specified address.

Final Steps:

Remain patient during the application review and processing period, as timelines may vary. Upon approval, you’ll receive your Special Flight Operations Certificate, empowering you to legally fly drones in Canada for your intended purposes. Remember, strict adherence to the outlined conditions and regulations in your certificate is essential for safe and compliant drone operations.

Drone Operations in Different Risk Environments:

Higher-Risk Environments:

In situations demanding higher-risk operations, including flying drones weighing over 25 kg, beyond visual line-of-sight, above 122 meters (400 ft), or more than five RPAs simultaneously from a single control station within 9.3 km (5 NM) of an aerodrome or in controlled airspace, you’ll need an advanced drone pilot certificate and must submit a Specific Operational Risk Assessment (SORA). This also applies to operations involving dangerous payloads.

Lower-Risk Environments:

Lower-risk SFOC-RPAS operations encompass flying within 5.6 km (3 NM) of a military aerodrome, operating more than five RPAs from a single control station beyond 9.3 km (5 NM) of an aerodrome in uncontrolled airspace, participating in advertised events, and organizing RPA special aviation events.

Embrace the Skies with Confidence:

Take your drone piloting aspirations to new heights through our comprehensive UAV flight review in Calgary. Embark on your drone piloting journey with confidence, legality, and knowledge – start today!

Flight Review in Calgary

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